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The concept

A new way to interact between services professionals and their customers

On the app, Superheroes and Wetipers will interact, as Wetipers thank their superheroes and let them know what they find amazing about them !

After adding each other, both sides will keep in touch for the best !

Wetip’s Superheroes

All of the service workers in the lifestyle industry


The common point among Wetip’s Superheroes? 

They are all dedicated to make you feel good, whether it’s in a bar, a beauty saloon or a gym!

To do so, they all have their own skills and specificities, that the Wetipers will vote for!

Fitness Coaches
Waiting Staffs

Why wetip ?

A relevant and useful professional profile that makes you shine

Classic Professional Profile

Classic professional profiles are not relevant for every job!
Every hairdresser cuts hair, but how can we make a difference between one and another?

Same applies to soft skills: people create a relationship based on human qualities, such as listening or humor !

And people want to keep in touch on a relevant channel, which did not exist up until now!

Classic Semi-Professional Profile

Very often, people mix their personal and professional profile. 
They share photos of them working and in personal life. 

It is great for their image, but a lot less for their career in itself. 

It can become a nightmare to sorting out photos, what can be included or not, contacts and clients.

Wetip Profile

Wetip is all about making people shine and differentiate from one another!
On Wetip, the professional profile will be based on clients endorsment: they will vote for what you do best!

They will also thank you for listening, for your energy your humor and even your style!

And on the app, the messaging system will allow Superheroes to keep in touch and even to create clients messaging groups very easily!

The Superpowers

All of the qualities that make your customer come back but that you don’t learn at school!

Everyday, Superheroes show a great attitude towards their customer: they make them feel safe, they listen to them, they change their mood !

On Wetip, Customers will finally have a way to let them know!

Power of Persuasion
Positive Energy

Who are the Wetipers?

All of the people who love you !

Everyone is a Wetiper!

If you go to see your hairdresser once a month, or more often to your gym, you are a Wetiper!

If you want to thank a bartender or a waiter that did an excellent job, you also are a Wetiper!