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WeTip For Your Business

Your brand is working hard to attract customers to your shops. Once you succeed, your employees work even harder for them to come back!


A new way of promoting your shop


Wether your business is hospitality, beauty, or even fitness, your company employs great people. These people create a link with your customer, and you want them to keep in touch!

Wetip is all about helping creating this link!

Even better: with Wetip, your prospects can find your shops thanks to your employees!

Traditional Way

Business ENg

Wetip Way

Why Should your business use Wetip

A new way to attract customers

Wetipers will look for SuperHeroes and eventually find them in your shops !

A way to promote your quality of service

Your heroes get lots of votes ? Wetip helps you promoting it through the channels !

Undertsand what your employees do best

With the votes, your business understands what attracts your customers !

Track and improve your quality of service

With Wetip, you will easily identify your strenghts and weaknesses !

Show some love to your employees

Show your employees that you appreciate them being good to your customers !

Find and hire the best employees

With Wetip, you can search by skills, location, superpowers, and get in touch !