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  • App rules

  • Who can I follow?

    You can follow anyone: Wetipers and Superheroes.

  • Why would I follow ?

    • Superheroes: so, you keep up to date to their professional activity, you can get inspired by them and can follow them if they change their professional situation!
    • Wetipers: If you want to discover who your friends are connected with or who is their Superhero, you can if you follow them!

  • How many times can I thank a hero?

    • At Wetip, we try to reproduce what happens in life. So we assume that you do not see your Superhero every day.
    • So the votes frequency authorized is the following:
      • Hospitality: 4 times a week
      • Fitness: 2 times a week
      • Hair: 2 times a month
      • Esthetics: 2 times a month

  • How many Superheroes can I follow?

    You can follow as many Superheroes as you wish!

  • Concept

  • Who are the Superheroe

    On Wetip, our Superheroes are professionals working in the lifestyle industry:

    • Hospitality
    • Fitness
    • Well-being
    • Beauty (Make-up, Esthetics)

  • Why am I a Superhero

    Whatever your specific industry is, if you are a Wetip Superhero, it means that you bring something to other people that makes them feel good, feel considered, feel better… You make them be healthier, you make them feel better with themselves in the outside, and that even impacts their inner selves: that is definitely a power and you definitely are a Wetip Superhero!

  • As a business, why should I tell my employees to use Wetip?

    • Wetip helps your shops get more visibility thanks to your employees and their votes!
    • Your business page can be created on Wetip, and then it will be highlighted by aggregating all of your customers votes for your employees!
    • You can understand what your employees do best or what your clients love about your business. On the other hand you can have an idea of what is missing 😉 !
    • You can reward your Superheroes, according to their customer feedback, so they keep motivated!
    • You can find great potential employees and hire them!

  • As a school, why should I tell my students to go to Wetip?

    • Wetip helps your students accelerate their careers! Your students came to your school to develop their skills and become great professionals. Wetip aims at helping them highlight their skills and personality, so we work in the same team with the same goal!
    • Wetip helps you keep a track of your students: you can follow them in Wetip!
    • Wetip helps you promote your school, because your students are your best publicity!

  • What is a vote?

    A vote is a compliment! People can vote for:

      • Your skills/technical knowledge
      • Your soft skills: who you are and how cool you are as a person!

  • Functionalities

  • Thanking

    How does it work?

    • When you thank someone, you have 10 points to give to your Superhero: 5 for his skills, 5 for his soft skills.
    • Every click on an item is one point given.
    • It is up to the Wetiper to give all of the 5 points or not.
    Is there any negative votes?
    • Absolutely not. Like in life, our mantra is: if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything!
    How the votes impact my profile
    • Every vote that you receive will integrate in your profile and will make it shine brighter, as they show your expertise!
    How many times can someone vote for me?
    • Unlimited times in total, but there are weekly or monthly limitations (see above)

  • Sharing

    • A profile:
      • A Superhero’s profile can be shared to other users in order to let them know who you like!
      • You can share the profile with the “Share” button, on your favorite platform or just send it to your friends
    • A thanking:
      • After thanking your Superhero, you can spread the love by sharing a photo and the Highlights of you thanking!!

  • I cannot connect anymore, what's happening

    If you cannot connect or have a technical issue, make sure that you are connected to a Wifi or a 3G/4/5G network. Then you can check:

    • if you have the latest version of Wetip
    • that your Facebook account or phone number is still active
    • That your Apple ID is set-up and Icloud activated
    If still not working, wait a few hours, we will solve the issue. if not, reach out to us at:  

  • First steps

  • How do I create an account on Wetip

    First, you have to download the app that is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.When you have downloaded the app, in order to create an account:

    • You can connect with your Facebook account and have your Wetip acount set-up in a few clicks!
    • You also can register with your email adress and create a password
    Then an email will be sent to you in order to confirm your the validity of your email adress 

  • How do I change my password?

    1- Go to your profile section>settings>password>change my password

  • Can I register on Wetip without Facebook

    Yes, you can just login with your email adress!

  • Can I have multiples specialities

    Yes you can! We know that sometimes our Superheroes can be double Superheroes!In which case, your Wetipers will have to chose for which job they are thanking you!

  • Which notifications can I receive

    You are notified:

    • When you interact with someone (someone thanks you, someone starts following you).
    • When something cool happens on your profile (you reach a certain level, you win an award... be patient, it is going to happen!

  • About the privacy

  • Is it safe to be on Wetip?

    Absolutely!Wetip does not localize you at all the time. We do not disclose your personal details, nor your real time localization. You can choose not to appear on the map, even I we recommend to register your workplace, which allows you to be found and your workplace toi shine, thanks to you! 

  • Who can see me on Wetip?

    Everyone that searches someone in your area of with your characteristics (see glossary)

  • What do you do with my data

    Wetip does not use your data for commercial purpose.Our users personal data are not disclosed in any way that is not allowed by the user (name, surname, age, localization...).Wetip only processes your data for the purpose of the app functionalities: we gather data to enhance users profiles, to create data oriented statistics and rankings.No data is given by any means to any third party.

  • If I connect with Facebook, will you post anything on my behalf

    Wetip will never post anything on your behalf, don't worry!

  • Localization

    On Wetip, you can share your localization if you allow it on your system.If not, you can localize your company and you will be geographically attached to it.