On Wetip, you can share your localization if you allow it on your system.

If not, you can localize your company and you will be geographically attached to it.

What do you do with my data

Wetip does not use your data for commercial purpose.

Our users personal data are not disclosed in any way that is not allowed by the user (name, surname, age, localization…).

Wetip only processes your data for the purpose of the app functionalities: we gather data to enhance users profiles, to create data oriented statistics and rankings.

No data is given by any means to any third party.

Is it safe to be on Wetip?


Wetip does not localize you at all the time. We do not disclose your personal details, nor your real time localization. You can choose not to appear on the map, even I we recommend to register your workplace, which allows you to be found and your workplace toi shine, thanks to you!