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THE APP Features

Wetip app gathers everything you need to shine, develop an useful and relevant professional profile, but also to make your whole business shine! To do so, we rely on a powerful and easy endorsement system that allows you to gather your clients compliments in real time!

For Dailylife Superheroes

Superheroes’ map

Discover the awesome Wetip places and the amazing Superheroes around you!

Find and thank

Find your Superheroes and chose to thank them

Vote for their Skills

Select 5 points to distribute for what they do best !

Vote for their Superpowers

Select 5 points to distribute for how cool they are !

And many more !

Leave a tip

Choose a tip, calculate it, or play with our “Random Tip Giver”!

See their highlights

See what they can do best: the highlights show the skill and the soft skill the most voted for!

Share the love

Share on social networks, and don’t forget to tag the Superhero or the place !

See their thanking history

See the last votes given to your Superhero!

For your Business

Appear on the Map

People can look for your Superheroes, but also for your business on a single map!

Be found thanks to your Superheroes

People find your Superheroes, then find your business !

Display your Superheroes on the map

With a single click on the map, everyone can find your Superheroes or access your business profile

Be found thanks to your Superheroes

People find your Superheroes then locate your business !

And many more !

Show an overview of your business’ highlights

Show what you do best and get your clients to follow your business ! 

Show your superheroes

Display the coolness of your employees and make your audience feel like meeting them !

Display all of the skills of your business !

Anyone can see your Business skills in a second !

Display the love

Show the feed of love given to your employees, and their skills endorsed in real time !  



A mobile app easily deployed and multiplateform

Easy technology

A technology that connects people easily with QR Code & NFC, to create an innovative way to interact

Unique rating system

An unique intelligent rating and endorsement system using big data and AI real time processing

Data Security

A secure application which respects the privacy of wetipers and Superheroes