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Wetip helps your students become Superheroes!

Wetip will help your students to develop their careers and will, just like you, achieve their dreams!

As soon as they start practicing, they will acquire very valuable skills, and develop natural abilities to shine and create a relationship with their customers.

And Wetip will be there to help them be in the spotlight as soon as they start !

Classic student professional development without Wetip

All of the schools and universities have one goal: make their students reach their dreams!

You take them all the way from knowing nothing to mastering their speciality and becoming great professionals!

The problem is that even if students keep evolving, they have issues developing a professional image and a clientele while they study.

Student professional development with Wetip

Wetip is all bout helping your students developing their professional image and clientele, even while studying!

Every live training they do, they can ask their customer to add them on Wetip.

Doing so, they will start receiving votes and create a network of customers!

Why else should you recommend Wetip to your students?

A new way to promote your education
A simple way to evaluate progress
Keep track of your students
Create a community around your school

Your students are the best advertising for your school!

The Wetiper’s votes are a great way to follow what they do well!

Add your students on Wetip and follow their career!

They can find each other on Wetip and create a network!

Register your school and participate

Do you want to proactively make an impact and help us develop the career of you students?

With this form, we can answer your questions or even better: help you promote your school with Wetip by being interviewed in our Expert Content Program!