As a business, why should I tell my employees to use Wetip?

  • Wetip helps your shops get more visibility thanks to your employees and their votes!
  • Your business page can be created on Wetip, and then it will be highlighted by aggregating all of your customers votes for your employees!
  • You can understand what your employees do best or what your clients love about your business. On the other hand you can have an idea of what is missing 😉 !
  • You can reward your Superheroes, according to their customer feedback, so they keep motivated!
  • You can find great potential employees and hire them!

As a school, why should I tell my students to go to Wetip?

  • Wetip helps your students accelerate their careers! Your students came to your school to develop their skills and become great professionals. Wetip aims at helping them highlight their skills and personality, so we work in the same team with the same goal!
  • Wetip helps you keep a track of your students: you can follow them in Wetip!
  • Wetip helps you promote your school, because your students are your best publicity!

What is a vote?

A vote is a compliment! People can vote for:

    • Your skills/technical knowledge
    • Your soft skills: who you are and how cool you are as a person!

As a Superhero, why should I use Wetip

  • Wetip helps you:
    • Develop your professional image, thanks to your clients votes! Your clients can now endorse what you can do, and they also can say how cool you are and why they chose you or come back to you every time!
    • Develop your professional visibility:
      • Thanks to the search, thousands of potential clients will see you and may choose you as their Superhero!
      • Thanks to the sharing functionality, your clients can share your profiles with their friends so more people can see you!
    • Earn more money: your clients can now give you tips through the app, helping you to get more money!

Why am I a Superhero

Whatever your specific industry is, if you are a Wetip Superhero, it means that you bring something to other people that makes them feel good, feel considered, feel better… You make them be healthier, you make them feel better with themselves in the outside, and that even impacts their inner selves: that is definitely a power and you definitely are a Wetip Superhero!

Who are the Superheroe

On Wetip, our Superheroes are professionals working in the lifestyle industry:

  • Hospitality
  • Fitness
  • Well-being
  • Beauty (Make-up, Esthetics)