Whether they practice in a salon or at home, hairdressers must possess certain qualities and skills to attract and retain customers. A sum of know-how and know-how, which is expressed from the reception of the customer to the availability during the service, through the dexterity or the precision of the gestures. Zoom on the qualities of a hairdresser or a hairdresser.


Smile and be welcoming

You don’t have a second chance to make a good impression, so the client must feel welcome as soon as they walk through the doors of the salon.

The hairdresser must therefore make sure to receive it without delay, and with a smile. Indeed, customers like to take advantage of their visit to the hairdresser to relax, the first thing to offer them is a warm smile to make them feel good.

Have a neat look

Practicing a profession of aesthetics and beauty, the hairdresser must have a neat appearance. Indeed, it is unthinkable to come to work disheveled, scruffy or with stained or wrinkled clothes.

Indeed, if you yourself need a good haircut, you will have a hard time convincing the person who has come to have your hair done that you are the right person for it!

Your dress -code may change depending on where you work as a hairdresser. Some salons may prefer that you wear simple clothes, while others may allow for some eccentricity.

Have a sense of relationship

In addition to welcoming the customer when he enters the salon, the hairdresser will then have to take care of him throughout the service.

From the definition of the ideal cut to the exposure time of the color or the straightening treatment, through the final brushing, it can easily take several hours.

While some customers prefer to read peacefully or rest, others, on the other hand, wait for the hairdresser to make conversation with them. It is therefore necessary to know how to adapt to the requests of the client, whether it is a question of respecting the silence desired by some or the desire to discuss others.

Listening to the customer to define his desires

Whether you follow an accelerated hairdressing course or whether you come from a traditional school curriculum, you will learn very quickly that listening to the customer is essential to building a relationship of trust with him.

Indeed, you must both meet his expectations so as not to disappoint him, but also advise him if he obviously opts for a cut or a color that will not enhance him.

All the art of listening is precisely to dose the balance between proposing solutions without going against the will of the client. A delicate exercise, which becomes easier and easier with years of practice.

Be proactive in terms of hairdressing

If some customers know exactly what they want as a haircut, hairstyle or color, others are much more undecided…

And this is also where the talent of the hairdresser can be expressed. During your high school years or accelerated hairdressing training, you will learn all the techniques necessary to achieve the trendiest cuts, use them to be proactive in your salon.

You will have to offer your client the hairstyles that will best suit their morphology and thus lead them to make their choice. Of course, you will have to be patient to help him in his decision, even if he takes his time and others wait their turn…

All about cutting techniques

During the accelerated hairdressing training, the hairdressing CAP or the BM, you will be taught different cutting techniques, you will have to know how to reproduce them in real conditions. You will also need to know how to explain them to customers, so that they can make the best decisions for their cut or hairstyle.

You will also have to show dexterity in your professional practice, in order to spend as little time as possible on the head of a client. The key to the profitability of a salon is indeed the speed of execution! This does not mean that the quality of the service suffers, which is why it is essential to know everything about cutting techniques and to update your knowledge regularly.

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