Restaurateurs, restaurateurs, we can’t wait! Consumers can’t wait to meet you in the dining room and share a moment of conviviality with friends or family in your restaurants. While waiting for the reopening, our experts offer you advice to imagine the customer experience of tomorrow .

Work on your customer experience

Your restaurant is a real place of life, a place where customers meet to share a moment of conviviality and greed. What they expect from a restaurant outing varies a lot depending on the type of restaurant, but there are a few fundamental elements that pit amazing customer experiences against mediocre such as :

  • A warm welcome
  • Excellent cuisine
  • instagrammable ” atmosphere and decoration
  • Efficient customer service.

Health crisis or not, customers will remain uncompromising on the customer experience. It is therefore essential to work on these points if you want to ensure the development of your business , generate more positive comments and explode on social networks . In short, to become a place where customers will flock.


Advice from our experts to ensure a good customer experience:

  • Choose your servers carefully because they represent the image of your restaurant and are the first contacts for your customers
  • Make your teams responsible for the quality and presentation of dishes
  • Work on your decoration and your dishes to attract customers on social networks
  • Install effective tools to manage your restaurant (cash system, online reservation and payment platform, etc.)


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