You are already established in your activity as a beautician or wish to open your business soon.

It is high time to attract and prospect your new clientele, because it is not given to everyone to be well placed in a busy and very commercial street.

To do this, it will be necessary to put in place a well-organized marketing and prospecting strategy. Here are eleven ideas to help you.

Promote yourself on social networks

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and others) are the essential means of communication of our time.

Create a page or an account in the name of your activity, have your page sponsored on social networks and enter your advertisements in the targeted groups.

Post before/after photos of your clients, or better yet, encourage them to post the photos themselves .

Don’t forget to ask their permission before posting anything. Publish the promotions and services you offer on the networks.

You should still know that this means of communication is quite time-consuming, therefore, try to set yourself a publication schedule .

Register on Google My Business

When a customer enters the words “beautician in such and such a city” on Google, this search engine highlights the names that are registered on Google My Business.

So don’t miss the opportunity to register so that customers looking for local professionals will see you.

This is where it happens: Google

Distribute business cards

Like the flyer, business cards also require a small investment . However, it is not to be shared with very broad prospects.

You will share it with a person who had a small exchange with you so that he remembers your activity.

Bet on a simple design with your full contact details.

Placing posters

Where ? In your neighborhood of course, but more exactly at the merchants .

What should be displayed?

For example, you will communicate your official opening or specific events .

particular, you can promote your presence at a village fair where you will be present.

Register on Wetip

Wetip allows your establishment to be identified very quickly, in particular via its card or its company file!

Indeed, your clients will not only be able to locate you but also instantly identify your skills and human qualities. In addition, Wetip allows you to create a community based on the gratitude of your customers, which attracts other customers: the full restaurant syndrome 😉 .

Mobile advertising

You have a car ? (Yes because mobile means mobility in our case, not smartphone)

Remember to display an advertisement on it Be careful, it will be necessary to design the design well, because once it is done, it will be another additional cost to modify it.

Design your design and feel free to show it to friends to see how it looks and if the mobile ad is actionable.

Make yourself known by the answering machine

This is a way that you don’t necessarily think of, but the answering machine can be used to find new customers.

How does it work? Record on your answering machine that you are a beautician.

Like this, all the people who fall on your answering machine will know what you do and they will be able to be interested in your services.

You can also record promotional messages on your answering machine .

Advertise in the local press

If you have the opportunity to have a local press (radio and newspapers) , take the opportunity to publish advertisements in them.

The cost can be quite high (depending on the quantity of publications), but the result can still be very interesting.

Consider designing an appealing radio ad or local newspaper article that the majority of people will remember .

Create your blog or website

It’s a bit like social networks, it’s hard to do without. The presence on the net has become essential nowadays .

Indeed, you should know that new customers have a habit of checking and doing research on the net before calling you or going to your home.

Statistics speak of 4 out of 5 consumers who search the internet to find local professionals.

With a professional site or blog, you will increase your chances of attracting new customers.

You can give beauty advice , offer beauty products or talk about aesthetic trends on your site.

Don’t forget to include your web address in your flyers, flyers or business cards.

To maximize your visibility, you can register with online professional directories.

Look for partners

You can collaborate with artisans, merchants, boutiques, fitness centers, photographers and wedding planners in your neighborhood to promote your name.

These potential partners already have their own customer base, which can become yours with a little strategy.

How ? For example, you can offer animations in their shop or offer duos of products or services with them. An example is the duo: photo shoot promotion + facials with a professional photographer from the area.

Finally, keep clients coming to you as much as possible. Ask through which advertising channel they found out about you . It could be word of mouth or something else. By having this information, you will be able to assess which type of advertising works best for you.

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